12th January, 2019.1 minute read time-General

Zero Day - Getting It Going

In an effort to document the amount of code I find myself working on, and to create a better, more organized effort to keep code snippets, code examples, recipes, etc. in an easy to search format - I’ve returned to blogging. After this final commit of this page, I will possibly leave it “as-is” and move forward with adjusted entries for historical purposes (or not, who knows?)

I opted for Gatsby.js - since it is based in React and GraphQL, it seemed a little more logical since JavaScript is where my interests lie.

This will serve as both my guide and my todo list, and growth. You know, like LiveJournal only with less teen angst.

To Do/Planned Projects

  • List out GitHub repositories, gists, etc.
  • Create a planned project listing
  • Work on posting demos/tutorial code
  • ???
  • Theme this thing, properly.
  • configure theme (update images, tweak as necessary)
  • Documenting Angular2 code I’ve been working with (Directives, pipes, general thoughts).
  • Dig into Wayground (Ruby)

Things to checkout for inspiration

GitHub Resources


Markdown Basics