17th June, 2020.1 minute read time-Code

Getting a List of Images

There's a tool I use for importing/exporting massive amounts of data (well, I say MaSSiVe but it's just... a LOT of data, thousands of rows, CSV files that can be DOZENS of MB, so not like terabytes of data). So of course, one limitation is - images. You can't just feed the tool a list of URLs and say "get these for me."

So I went down the road of wget - and of course, I didn't think of this at the beginning, and it took a conversation where I had to say it out loud to figure it out (thanks to a co-worker for talking about the idea with me, which gave me the keywords I wasn't using to stumble upon wget as the solution, duh).

It's super simple and easy to use, which made it more facepalming for not using it to begin with. Granted, I had to convert a CSV file with syntax issues galore and figure out the direct URL structure to get the downloads to actually work properly - but all the work I did to use a tool, set me up to easilly clean up the data for wget to use.


Of course, wget is not included in OSX, so I had to install it using brew.

brew install wget

Syntax (first run):

wget -i file_name.txt

...this ran through the file, line-by-line to get the images. Pretty simple, right?

Syntax (run in parallel):

cat text_file.txt | parallel --gnu "wget {}"

...thanks to StackOverflow for this one, which would've sped up the process (I was attempting THOUSANDS of images). This ALSO requires you to install parallel as it's not a native OSX command, again, simply by brew install parallel.